Hysterical “social justice” Leftists now target SURFING as being “too white” … Is there any activity white people will be allowed to pursue?

A liberal white guy has decided to brazenly politicize the sport of surfing with a whiny new diatribe published in Surfer magazine that calls for more “diversity,” a.k.a. fewer white people, in popular surf culture.

Presumably typing from his couch of privilege in upper crust San Francisco where he lives, Justin Housman laments about what he sees as too many white surfers floating off the beaches where he lives. He’d rather there be more brown and black people catching the swells, because “equality.”

As justification for his anti-white race-baiting, Housman cites an alleged “racist” email that his “friend” who owns a surf brand apparently received, in which a customer canceled an order because of said “friend’s” ethnicity. Following the alleged incident, Housman is now convinced that white surfers need to step aside and let people with other skin colors take their place at beaches throughout California and Australia – two places with large numbers of white people that he thinks need to be diversified.

Keep in mind that there’s no mention made in Housman’s rant about places like Brazil, Southeast Asia and Hawaii, as three prominent examples, where large numbers of non-whites are already surfers. Housman ignores all of this, listing only the predominantly white areas of the West that he believes need to become a whole lot less white, and stat.

It’s just the latest example of self-loathing virtue signaling by an entitled white liberal who, because he apparently feels some degree of personal guilt over his own privilege, is now arrogantly painting all white people with the same broad brush. (Related: New Orleans restaurant announces “white privilege” tax to charge white customers more money for the same food.)

Housman makes claims about how brown and black people can’t afford surfboards and other “expensive” gear, which he says isn’t fair, at the same time insinuating that all whites somehow can afford these things. Ironically, both claims are inherently racist, which is par for the course when it comes to liberal “reasoning.”

Meanwhile, Housman makes no indication about his own plans to get things started by ending his own surfing hobby, and perhaps donating his own expensive gear to less fortunate non-whites. And we certainly won’t hold our breaths that he’ll be offering up his surf gear to less fortunate whites – because that wouldn’t fit the narrative.

Instead, Housman trots out all of the usual anti-white talking points while further insinuating that because a lot of white people surf in the United States and Australia, a lot of non-whites are unable to because they don’t have equal “access.”

Joke’s on you, Housman: Surfers don’t want anything to do with your race-baiting garbage

The good news with this latest batch of lunatic Leftist nonsense is that the vast majority of Surfer readership, and presumably surf culture at large, isn’t buying what Housman is selling. Comments both on Facebook and on the Surfer magazine website make this overwhelmingly clear.

“This is stupidity on steroids,” wrote one commenter on Facebook. “Keep your toxic politics out of surfing!”

“Terminate whoever wrote this BS,” wrote another. “Every country in the world that has a coastline has surfers.”

“An article to produce consumer kook fodder,” wrote yet another. “Surfer, keep your politicized propaganda out of our beautiful, philosophical and sacred sport.”

And on and on the responses continue, almost all condemning Housman’s attempted swipe at yet another institution that draws in a lot of white people. We’ve seen similar anti-white sentiment with many other things that white people do, including cycling, yoga practice, and even ethnic food stands – but never with predominantly non-white institutions like the National Basketball Association (NBA), which is overwhelmingly dominated by blacks.

For more news on the anti-white rhetoric of retarded liberals like Justin Housman, check out Libtards.news.

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